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Chris Alexander
• Chris Alexander's Blood-Spattered Book

Anthony Ambrogio
• Peter Cushing (MMAS)
• You're Next: Loss of Identity in the Horror Film

Nicholas Anez
• Celluloid Adventures 1-3

Rick Atkins
• Carla Laemmle: Among the Rugged Peaks

Barry Atkinson
• Atomic Age Cinema
• Heroes Never Die: The Italian Peplum Phenomenon
• Indie Horrors
• Six-Gun Law
• Six-Gun Law 2
• You Are Old Enough, Son
• You're Not Old Enough Son

Kristen Baggelaar
Dancing With a Star: Maxine Barrat

Matt Blake
• Eurospy Guide

• Brad Braddock

Darrell Buxton
• The Shrieking Sixties

Aaron Christensen
• Horror 101

James Couglin
• Dwight Frye's Last Laugh
• Forgotten Faces

Roberto Curti
• Diabolika

Hank Davis
• Classic Cliffhangers
Vol 1 and Vol. 2

David Deal
• Eurospy Guide

Rosemary DeCamp
• Rosemary DeCamp

Felicia Feaster
• Forbidden Fruit

Susan Fox
• 20th Century Fox - William Fox

Lee Gambin
• Massacred by Mother Nature

Gary Giblin
• Alfred Hitchcock's London

Willy Greer
• Shadowplay

Steve Haberman
• Chronicles of Terror: Silent Screams

John Hamilton
• Unholy Three

Jim Harper
• Italian Horror

Keith Hedges
• The 'Way-Out, Wonderful
World of Horror, Fantasy and Sci-Fi Trivia

Troy Howarth
• Haunted World of Mario Bava
• So Deadly, So Perverse Vol. 1-3
• Splintered Visions: Lucio Fulci
•Tome of Terror: Films of the Silent Era
•Tome of Terror:
Horror Films of the 1930s
Paul Jensen
• Hitchcock Becomes Hitchcock

Eric J. Karell
Claudia Jennings
• An Authorized Biography

John Keeyes
• Attack of the B Queens

Dwight Kemper
• Bela Lugosi and the House of Doom
• The Vamøpire's Tomb Mystery
• Who Framed Boris Karloff

Leonard Kohl
• Sinister Serials Karloff, Lugosi & Chaney

Jack Lane
A Gallery of Stars: The Story of the Hollywood
Brown Derby's Wall of Fame

Christopher Lee
• Christopher Lee

Dan Leissner
• Cool Cat —Pulp Fiction
• Drums of the Lost Gods
• Tuesday's Child

Gregory Mank
• Dwight Frye's Last Laugh
• Hollywood's Maddest Doctors
• Colin Clive: One Man Crazy

Michael Monahan
• American Scary

John B. Murray
• Brett Halsey
• The Remarkable Michael Reeves

Paul Naschy
• Paul Naschy:
Memoirs of a Wolfman

Scott Nollen
• Theron Denson: Black Diamond
• Frank Sinatra
• Boris Karloff: A Gentleman's Life
• Fritz Von Erich
• Glenda Farrell Hollywd's Hardboiled Dame

Deboran Painter
• Hollywood's Top Dogs: The Dog Hero In Film

Neil Pettigrew
• Lionel Atwill: An Exquisite Villain

Ingrid Pitt
• Ingrid Pitt: Darkness Before Dawn

Michael H. Price
• Forgotten Horrors
Vol. 1-4
• Human Monsters
• Mantan Moreland
• Spawn of Skull Island:
The Making of King Kong

Derek Pykett
• Michael Ripper Unmasked

Giovanni Radice
• A Zombie's Life: Giovanni Lombardo Radice

Donald Rosallini
• 20th Century Fox - William Fox

Jimmy Sangster
• Do You Want it Good or Tuesday?

Bryan Senn
• Drums of Terror: Voodoo in the Cinema

Robert Skotak
• Ib Melchior

David Soren
• Art, Popular Culture and the Classical Ideal in the 1930s: Two Classic Films—A Study of Roman Scandals and Christopher Strong
• The Rise and Fall of the Horror Film
• Vera-Ellen

John Stell
• Tracy Brubaker
mystery series

Gary J. and Susan Svehla
• Cinematic Hauntings
• Fantastic Journeys: Sci-Fi Memories
• Guilty Pleasures of the Horror Film
• It's Christmas Time at the Movies
• Lon Chaney, Jr.- MidMar Actors Series